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Sample LGDD Engagement Materials

Below please find a draft of an engagement email you can use to notify people about the 2022 Local Government Diversity Dashboard. Links to sample articles for newsletters as well as graphics and media tools are included. Questions? Need help getting started? Contact us!


Sample Outreach Email:

Good morning, NAME,

I wanted to personally reach out and share with you the release of the 2022 Local Government Diversity Dashboard – a tool to track the gender diversity of leadership across the 21,000+ local governments in the United States. You can drill down and see city and county level data for STATE (and every other state in the US).

To assist you with your outreach, we’ve shared below the press release. We’ve also drafted a sample article you can use in newsletters and updates. The sample article includes a media kit with images that you can share and link.

And most importantly, we encourage you to engage your network with this dashboard. If you currently have a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee – this dashboard can be a conversation starter for your state’s efforts to increase gender diversity in local government. We welcome your active involvement in writing about the findings and data trends.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for your support of ELGL, CivicPulse, and the Local Government Diversity Dashboard.




Other Helpful Materials:

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