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Over Time Tool

This tool provides users the opportunity to explore changes in the gender composition of local government leadership over time, both for specific states as well as Census regions. You can select multiples states or regions on the right-hand menu to see how the gender makeup of local government officials has changed over time across different geographies. The national average is indicated by a blue line. State averages are organized and assigned a color according to their census region. This interactive tool is best viewed on desktop.


Using Power Almanac’s comprehensive contact list of top appointed officials and de-identified data from the Social Security baby name data, CivicPulse researchers computed the probability that each to appointed official’s first name had historically been associated with a man or a woman. Each record that could be coded with greater than 97% confidence was assigned a gender. This tool then aggregates this data to the state and region levels for each year, from 2013 to 2022.

For further information about the gender-coding methodology, please see the FAQ.

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