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Reflect on Diversity Dashboard Data

To continue the conversation on the data shared in the Local Government Diversity Dashboard and the top line reporting, we are looking for guest writers to review the data and share their perspectives on it. Please use the link below to sign up to write. Your selected date is the due date for your article, which can be submitted via email to ELGL Digital Coordinator Allie Breyer.


Some questions to prompt your reflections and writings:

What data stands out to you? From your point of view, what story is the data telling? Are there national trends that are important? Regional? State? How does your state or region compare to the national average? What additional questions about gender diversity in local government are raised when you look at the data on top appointed positions? How could your local government use the Local Government Diversity Dashboard to change the ways it approaches recruiting and retention?

All guest reflections are due to Allie Breyer by the date selected. Articles should be 300-750 words. Please refer to the ELGL Style Guide for writing tips and guides.

Thank you for contributing to this writing and reflection series!



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